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UMass Dartmouth Hosts 3rd Annual HPC Day

UMass Dartmouth’s Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research (CSCVR) organized and hosted the third annual “HPC Day 2017” on May 25th. This annual event showcases on-going scientific research in Massachusetts that is enabled through high-performance computing (HPC). This year the participants came from institutions all over the state: Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University, Tufts University, WPI, UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, Medical and even industry. Continue reading UMass Dartmouth Hosts 3rd Annual HPC Day

HPC Futures | Boston Univ | June 30

Ideas and Planning for Research Computing at Boston area Universities, Institutes, Hospitals and Companies

HPC Futures is a one day exploration of ideas and planning for future computational research at the Boston area universities, institutes, hospitals, libraries and companies. Future needs may be driven both by ambitious research goals, by increasing needs to work across traditional academic and institutional boundaries, by increasing interaction with national and international cyberinfrastructures and by technological advances such as IoT, cloud computing, deep learning, computer hardware advances and cybersecurity considerations. We examine these issues within a celebration of the most exciting and important research happening in the Boston area 

For more information and to register visit

Neural Networks & Earthquakes

By Helen Hill for MGHPCC

The potential for loss of property and life, has made earthquake forecasting and prediction an active area of research for statisticians and earth scientists. While it is not currently possible to make deterministic predictions of when and where earthquakes will happen, new techniques like those recently reported by the Meade Group in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard using computers housed at the MGHPCC, bring closer the day when the behavior of a seismically active region can me modeled quickly enough to be able to provide meaningful lifesaving guidance to at risk populations. Continue reading Neural Networks & Earthquakes

HPC Day 2017

May 25, 2017
UMass Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA
9am – 6pm

Free registration, poster abstract submission and more details at:

On May 25, UMass Dartmouth will be hosting “HPC Day 2017”  — a conference to showcase computationally intensive research by scientists from all over Massachusetts.   The conference is being organized by the UMass Dartmouth Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research (CSCVR), and will feature speakers from the National Science Foundation, UMass, MIT, WPI, Northeastern, Harvard, and Boston University. Continue reading HPC Day 2017

New Robotics Program for all Holyoke Public Schools eighth-grade students

Holyoke, Massachusetts – Holyoke Codes has expanded their computer science and technology workshops for students in the Holyoke Public Schools.  This year all eighth-grade students are included in the experience, engaging in robotics projects.   Last year, the program consisted of a seven-week hands-on coding experience that was available to the nearly 400, seventh-grade students in the district. “The seventh-grade students showed such engagement and ownership of their learning last year that we had to find a way to continue and expand this program,” stated Holyoke Public Schools STEM Director Tonya Claiborne. Continue reading New Robotics Program for all Holyoke Public Schools eighth-grade students