October Publications

November 3, 2021

Improved constraints on primordial gravitational waves? Optimal assembly conditions for microbial communities? "Twistons in a Sea of Magic??" This month's selection of publications featuring research using the MGHPCC.

Nirjhar Bhattacharjee et al (2021), Antiferromagnetic VdW Phase at the Interface of Sputtered Topological Insulator/FerromagnetBi2Te3/Ni80Fe20 Heterostructures, arXiv:2110.02845

BICEP/Keck Collaboration (2021), BICEP / Keck XIII: Improved Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves using Planck, WMAP, and BICEP/Keck Observations through the 2018 Observing Season, arXiv:2110.00483 [astro-ph.CO]

Katherine Fraser, Samuel Homiller, Rashmish K. Mishra, Bryan Ostdiek, and Matthew D. Schwartz (2021), Challenges for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Particle Physics, arXiv: 2110.06948 [hep-ph]

Ashich B. George and Kirill S. Korolev (2021), Ecological landscapes guide the assembly of optimal microbial communities, arXiv: 2110.11310 [q-bio.PE]

Kevin P. Greenman, William H. Green, and Rafael G´omez-Bombarelli (2021), Multi-fidelity prediction of molecular optical peaks with deep learning, doi: 10.33774/chemrxiv-2021-6d2bp

Kaihua Ji, Amirhossein Molavi Tabrizia and Alain Karma (2021), Isotropic finite-difference approximations for phase-field simulations of polycrystalline alloy solidification, arXiv:2110.12448

Questin Le Grand et al (2021), Genomic studies across the lifespan point to early mechanisms determining subcortical volumes, Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, doi: 10.1016/j.bpsc.2021.10.011

Luna, S.K.; Chain, F.J.J. (2021), Lineage-Specific Genes and Family Expansions in Dictyostelid Genomes Display Expression Bias and Evolutionary Diversification during Development, Genes, doi: 10.3390/genes12101628

Carlo Rizza et al (2021), Photonic Topological Transitions and Epsilon-Near-Zero Surface Plasmons in Type-II Dirac Semimetal NiTe2, arXiv: 2110.02194 []

Nashwan Sabti, Julian B. Mu˜noz, and Diego Blas (2021), GALLUMI: A Galaxy Luminosity Function Pipeline for Cosmology and Astrophysics, arXiv: 2110.13168 [astro-ph.CO]

Simon Turkel et al (2021), Twistons in a Sea of Magic, arXiv: 2109.12631 [cond-mat.str-el]

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