A 2020 Vision on Cloud Computing


The Open Cloud Workshop (formerly the Mass Open Cloud (MOC) Workshop) was held on March 2-3, 2020 at Boston University. 

This year, in response to recent exciting developments associated with the MOC, the OC Workshop convened the MOC community with key stakeholders of the Open Cloud Testbed (OCT), OpenStack Foundation Open Infra Labs (OIL) project, and New England Research Cloud (NERC).

Keynote speakers included

Chris Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat

Matthew Adiletta, Senior Fellow and the Director of the Systems Innovation Lab, Intel

Giovanni Pacifici, Vice President of Hybrid Cloud, IBM

In parallel threads, the meeting combined “Deep Dive” options allowing for focussed discussion on specific open-cloud related topics with micro-talks spotlighting relevant example applications or providing primers on key concepts.

Deep Dives included

The Open Cloud *FPGA* Testbed (led by Martin Herbordt, Boston University & Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University)

Open Data Hub Demo and discussion focussed on Research Computing Facilitators and Researchers – led by Sherard Griffin, Red Hat)

OpenStack on CloudLab Demo and Tutorial (led by David Irwin, UMass Amherst)

Hybrid Cloud Storage (led by Peter Desnoyers, Northeastern University.)

Micro-talks included

  • The Open Cloud FPGA Testbed – Supporting Research on Emerging Datacenter Configurations – Martin Herbordt, BU, and Miriam Leeser, NU
  • Programming FPGAs – The Open Source Way – Ahmed Sanaullah, Red Hat
  • Leveraging Distributed Research Cloud Infrastructures for Domain Science Research and Experimentation – Anirban Mandal, RENCI
  • Strategic Management of Shared Cloud Resources –  Jonathan Chamberlain and Zhenpeng Shi, BU
  • Secure and Customized Hypervisor with Qemu – Daniele Buono, IBM
  • Harvard Data Commons  – Merce Crosas, Harvard
  • RSpace electronic lab notebook: an inter-operable active data management tool forming part of the Harvard Data Commons, and plans for a pilot on NERC – Rory Macneil, RSpace
  • The Open Storage Network, John Goodhue, MGHPCC
  • What is FABRIC?  – Paul Ruth, RENCI
  • Where is Ironic, and where is it going? – Julia Kreger, Red Hat
  • Challenges and Opportunities for AI Industrialization – Hui Lei, Futurewei
  • Bayesian Learning for Online Parameter Tuning of Complex Scientific Applications –  Rohan Basu Roy, NU
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage – Emine Ugur Kaynar and Amin Mosayyebzadeh, BU
  • Impact of OS Design and Hardware Configuration on the Power Performance Tradeoff –  Han Dong, BU
  • Using ESI in (De)-Centralized Environments: Why and How? – Sahil Tikale, BU, and Apoorve Mohan, NU
  • Providing fast and meaningful insights into enterprise datacenters- John Liagouris, BU
  • A Just-in-Time Framework for Tracing Distributed Cloud  Applications – Emre Ates, BU
  • Workflow motif: an  abstraction for debugging  distributed systems – Mania Abdi, NU
  • Challenges and opportunities in large-scale stream processing – Vasiliki Kalavri, BU
  • Fuzzing Virtual Devices in Cloud Hypervisors – Alexander Bulekov, BU

The meeting, which also included Birds of a Feather discussions, an Industry Lunimaries Panel, and poster session provided rich opportunities for networking among users of the MOC, CloudLab, and associated projects, researchers and startups interested in cloud computing, industry partners, members of the OpenStack Foundation, and students.