HPEC ’19


Organized by Lincoln Laboratories, and with sponsorship, this year from DELL, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corp, NVIDIA, and MITRE, IEEE HPEC 2019, was held September 24th to 26th, 2019 in Waltham, MA.

This year’s speakers included Marc Hamilton (Nvidia VP of Solutions Architecture and Engineering) “GPU Accelerated Machine Learning”, Dr. Michael Rosenfield (IBM VP Data Centric Solutions) “Future Computing Systems”, Stan Reiss (Matrix Partners) “Brilliant Technologists Building Cool Stuff”, Prof. Julian Shun (MIT CSAIL) “Large-Scale Graph Processing”, Mark Hamilton (Microsoft) “Microsoft MLSpark: Unifying Machine Learning Ecosystems at Massive Scales”, Jaya Shankar (Mathworks) “Deploying High-Performance Deep Learning Applications”, Prof. Yunsi Fei (Northeastern University) “Evaluating Fault Resilience of Compressed Deep Neural Networks”,  Dr. Robert Freeman (Director, Research Technology Operations, Harvard Business School), and Julie Ma (Project Leader, Northeast Cyberteam Initiative, MGHPCC) “Northeast Cyberteam: A Workforce Development Strategy for Research Computing.”

The meeting’s technical program included tutorials from industry and academic experts, demonstrations, and poster sessions, among them: the Julia Programming LanguageRemote Sensing for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (organized by Dr. John Aldridge, and Dan DumanisAndrew Weinert (MIT LL), HPSEC: High Performance Secure Extreme Computing (organized by Dr. Michael Vai (MIT LL), BRAIDS: Boosting Resilience through Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (organized by Dr. Alexia Schultz (MIT LL), Dr. Pierre Trepagnier (MIT LL), Dr. Igor Linkov (Corps of Engineers), Matthew Bates (Corps of Engineers)), and Bridging Quantum and High Performance Computing (organized by Prof. Patrick Dreher (NC State Univ), and Scaling HPC Education (organized by Dr. Julie Mullen (MIT LLSC) and Lauren Milechen (MIT EAPS).)

Special events included the MIT/Amazon/IEEE Graph Challenge, a GraphBLAS forum to define standard building blocks for graph algorithms (organized by Dr Timothy Mattson (Intel), Dr Scott McMillan (CMU SEI), and Dr Marcin Zalewski (PNNL)), and the IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award.

The 2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference, will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2020 in Waltham, MA. The submission deadline for papers is May 18, 2019. Submission dates for GraphChallenge will be posted here graphchallenge.mit.edu. For more information visit ieee-hpec.org.


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