UMass-BU-Northeastern Team Receive NSF Grant to Develop New Cloud Computing Platforms


A new cloud computing testbed is coming to MGHPCC thanks to a $5M grant from NSF.

A team of researchers co-led by Mike Zink of UMass, Orran Krieger of BU, and Peter Desnoyers of NU have received an award from the National Science Foundation to construct and support a testbed for research and experimentation into new cloud platforms – the underlying software which provides cloud services to applications. Testbeds such as this are critical for enabling research into new cloud technologies. This is research that requires experiments which potentially can change the operation of the cloud itself. By providing capabilities that currently are only available to researchers within a few large commercial cloud providers, the new testbed will allow diverse communities to exploit these technologies, thus “democratizing” cloud computing research and allowing increased collaboration between the research and open source communities.

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