Position Title:

Director of Business Operations, Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

Position Description

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) Director of Finance and Administration oversees the business affairs of the MGHPCC data center and Consortium, and supports the research, education, and outreach activities of the Consortium. Responsibilities also include developing, managing, and adjusting business processes as the organization evolves. MGHPCC staff is small, so the candidate must be willing to wear many hats, some of them technically challenging and others involving routine administrative tasks.

Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • Manage the business and financial systems for the internal operation of the MGHPCC, and update them as the organization evolves over time.
  • Support the MGHPCC’s corporate non-profit structure; assist consortium-member staff in navigating the legal and organizational logistics of the Consortium. Provide administrative support to the MGHPCC Consortium, including regular meetings of the Board, Executive Committee, Project Management Group, Consortium Steering Committee, and consortium working groups such as the Research Education and Outreach committee.
  • Participate in grant proposals and act as fiscal sponsor for projects undertaken with state, city, and regional community organizations, in support of local education and community development opportunities. Provide administrative support for the education and outreach activities of the MGHPCC Consortium, including meetings, workshops, proposals, and project execution.
  • Manage business relationships with vendors, contractors, and non-member users of the facility, including contracts, invoicing, and reporting. Supervise outside legal counsel, outside auditors, insurance carriers, and other vendors who provide administrative or finance support.
  • Manage the life-cycle of all grants and contracts, from proposal to award and execution, through close-out. Ensure compliance with applicable financial and other requirements of federal, state, and private grants and contracts.
  • Serve as Human Resources liaison between the MGHPCC and members with seconded staff. Serve as Human Resources liaison with vendors who have full-time staff assigned to MGHPCC.
  • Interpret, implement and ensure compliance with MIT and MGHPCC policies and procedures. Develop and help execute comprehensive change management and communications strategies. Serve on and/or lead MGHPCC committees.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Manage reporting of progress and financial status to members, the Commonwealth, the Federal government, industry sponsors, and funding agencies, including all required tax filings.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the MGHPCC with outside auditors and the Audit Committee of the MGHPCC board of directors.
  • Working with counterparts at each of the member universities, manage processes for efficient exchange of invoicing, capital forecasts, usage forecasts, information for tax filings, and other financial information.

Security Related Responsibilities

  • The Director of Administration and Finance must understand and comply with all MGHPCC security policies.
  • The Director of Administration and Finance is a Privileged Worker as described in the MGHPCC Personnel Security Policy; the person in this role must pass a background check.

Other Duties

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Specific Education

  • Bachelors degree in a related field required.

Job Specific Experience

  • Minimum 5 years of finance and administration experience required.
  • The candidate must have business operations experience, including being fluent with financial management systems. Experience in academic or non-profit settings is a plus.
  • The candidate must have good communications skills, and the ability to work with a diverse set of university and community constituencies who have wide-ranging and sometimes conflicting interests.

Work Dimensions

Organizational Impact

  • Develops short- and mid-term operational plans with direct impact on the MGHPCC and Consortium members. Develops strategic goals for the MGHPCC.
  • Makes significant changes to projects, programs, procedures, or systems within the MGHPCC.
  • May influence decisions or outcomes outside of the MGHPCC and Consortium members.

Problem Solving & Complexity

  • Issues are complex and require information and input from multiple sources.
  • Solutions require complex analysis and interpretation of the circumstances and issues.

Communication & Influence

  • Exchanges and conveys information with MGHPCC leadership and member staff.
  • Effectively builds support through discussion and compromise.
  • Drives consensus on day-to-day matters to reach agreement where there may be varying points of view.

Leadership & Talent Management

  • Provides managerial oversight or influences the work of staff to accomplish short- to mid-term operational plans.
  • Provides input into performance evaluations, development plans, and pay and hiring decisions for others.

Knowledge & Experience

  • In-depth understanding of principles and theories of non-profit business operations with broad understanding of other related disciplines required.
  • Experience managing others or leading projects, programs, or functions is required.

Years of Experience by Level

  • 5-7 years of related work experience required.

Level of Direction/Guidance

  • Guided by short- to mid-term objectives and receives moderate oversight.

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