MGHPCC Internship Program

The internship program at the MGHPCC is designed to provide hands-on experience for students who are interested in computers and computer science. The program includes a combination of hands-on learning in areas that may be new to a student intern, and application of current and new knowledge to tasks that are vital to the operation of the thousands of computer systems installed at the MGHPCC.

The MGHPCC internship program is now in its third year of operation. We are currently working in partnership with Holyoke Community College, Springfield Technical Community College, and TechFoundry. Students from those institutions are encouraged to apply. If you would like to add your institution to the program please contact us at MGHPCC interns work with a variety of high performance computing hardware and software systems.  Internships start with introductory reading and exercises with the Linux operating system, system administration tools, and Python scripting, and then move into hands-on work. Assignments vary depending on skills and needs. Examples include:

System Hardware and Software Maintenance and Administration

      • Rebooting and running diagnostics on nodes that at are experiencing problems.
      • Reviewing log files to look for potential problems.
      • Assistance with debugging of problems, working with people who are working remotely.

Application software installation and maintenance

      • Building, testing, and installation of application and middleware packages for Linux clusters.

Hardware infrastructure maintenance and documentation

      • Assembly, installation, organization, and labeling of data cabling for networks and Linux clusters.
      • Documentation of Power Distribution Unit rack assignments and other hardware.
      • Setup and maintenance of experimental computer hardware in the MGHPCC “Sandbox” lab.

Working Hours

Working hours are Tuesday and Thursday each week.  The minimum commitment is 8 hours per week.


Applications for fall 2021 internships are now closed. Applications for January 2022 internship positions will open in December 2021.  If you have you are interested, please send email to or to your contact for the MGHPCC internship program at STCC, HCC, or TechFoundry.