The MGHPCC is operated by the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center Inc. a 501(3)c Corporation whose members are the five founding institutions: Boston University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts.

Board of Directors


• Chairman – Robert Brown, President, Boston University
• Executive Director – John Goodhue
• Treasurer – Thomas Nedell, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Northeastern University


Robert Brown – President, Boston University
Gloria Waters – Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, Boston University
Anne Margulies – Vice President and University Chief Information Officer, Harvard University
Richard McCullough – Vice Provost for Research, Harvard University
Art Kramer – Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education, Northeastern University
John Letchford – Chief Information Officer, University of Massachusetts
Michael Malone – Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, University of Massachusetts Amherst
John Charles –  Vice President for Information Systems and Technology at MIT
Maria T. Zuber – Vice President for Research, MIT

Research, Education and Outreach Group

The Research Education and Outreach Working Group is made up of representatives from each of the founding universities. The working group was formed to maximize the impact of the facility on current research, support the new collaborations that the facility makes possible, and encourage submission of collaborative proposals for computationally intensive research and infrastructure.

Chris Hill – MIT (co-chair)
David Kaeli – Northeastern University (co-chair)

Rick Adrion – UMass Amherst
Azer Bestavros – Boston University
Claire Christopherson – MGHPCC
David Coker – Boston University
John Goodhue – MGHPCC
Sigal Gottlieb – UMass Dartmouth
Gaurav Khanna – UMass Dartmouth
Vinod Vokkarane – UMass Lowell
Scott Yockel – Harvard University
Saul Youssef – Boston University
Mike Zink – UMass Amherst

Program Management Group

The Program Management group works with MGHPCC staff to ensure that business and technical operations for the facility work smoothly, and the facility is prepared to meet current and future business and infrastructure needs. Considerations include security, shared network infrastructure, space and power utilization, energy efficiency, budgeting, and cost allocation.

Claire Christopherson – MGHPCC
Eric D’Souza – Harvard University
Susan Duda – Harvard University
Wayne Gilmore – Boston University
John Goodhue – MGHPCC
Chris Hill – MIT
Chris Misra – UMass Amherst
Jessica Quinones – UMass Amherst
Del Reese – Boston University
Rajiv Shridhar – Northeastern University
Allen Wallace – MIT
Brian White – Harvard University
Scott Yockel – Harvard University
Ralph Zottola – UMass Amherst