The MGHPCC provides world-class computational infrastructure, indispensible in the increasingly sensor and data-rich environments of modern science and engineering discovery. Today, virtually no major breakthrough — be it designing a new drug, developing new materials for clean energy or addressing climate change — can take place without computation. In silico experimentation adds a powerful new dimension to knowledge discovery in all fields, alongside theory, physical experimentation and observation. With the increasingly integrated role of computation in fundamental and applied research, the MGHPCC is a critical piece of infrastructure that will continue to fuel the world-leading innovation economy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through cooperative research, education and outreach activities.

Completed in November 2012, the 90, 000 square foot, 15 megawatt facility is located on an 8.6 acre former industrial site just a few blocks from City Hall in Holyoke, MA.

Currently, computers in the MGHPCC run millions of virtual experiments per month, supporting thousands for researchers in Massachusetts and around the world.