COVID-19 Visiting Precautions

In order to allow people to do on-site work at the MGHPCC while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19, we have been keeping to just one team per day beyond regular staff.  With your help, informal coordination has worked very well so far, but we are now seeing enough traffic to need some additional structure.

If you need to come to the MGHPCC to do work in the computer room or office areas, please send email to letting us know when you plan to be on-site, so we can add you to the calendar.

We understand that emergencies happen, but even then, please let us know you are on your way. If you need to visit for relatively simple tasks such as installing blanking panels or moving a box or piece of equipment, we strongly encourage you to ask us to do the work on your behalf instead of traveling to the data center.

Beyond that, we ask that everyone continue to apply common sense, and observe the following guidelines:

1. Only visit the facility if you truly need to be there in order to complete your work efficiently.
2. Please get tested for COVID-19 within a week of your visit.
3. Wear a mask.
4. Do not enter the facility if you are feeling ill.
5. Avoid use of common areas such as the kitchens.
6. Contact us immediately if anyone who has been on site later tests positive for COVID-19.
7. Follow the guidelines for social distancing, personal hygiene, and surface cleaning outlined at