Shared Resources

The MGHPCC is open for use by any research organization.

Follow the links below to learn about some of the existing computing, storage, and networking resources shared by MGHPCC users.

If you are interested in housing  computing resources at the MGHPCC, or if you have other questions not answered here, contact



Commonwealth Computational Cloud for Data Driven Biology


The Commonwealth Computational Cloud for Data Driven Biology (C3DDB) is dedicated to supporting research that connects life science research with emerging, innovative big data analytics. The system is open to groups conducting life sciences research or advanced development at academic institutions, research institutes, and companies in Massachusetts.




Mass Open Cloud 


The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) is a shared cloud platform operated by Boston University (BU), Northeastern University (NU), Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the MGHPCC data center. The MOC provides researchers a unique alternative to public clouds, particularly suited to experimental and research-oriented users where visibility at every layer of the stack can provide better insight and opportunities to optimize operations than are available in commercial cloud environments.

  Northeast Storage Exchange