Getting a C3DDB Account


Use of the C3DDB is open to anyone conducting life science research or development at a university, research institute, or company in Massachusetts.

If you are a researcher at one of the five MGHPCC member universities, accounts and application support are available through your local research computing group. For more information, fill in the Account Application Form, send an inquiry to or click here to contact the research computing group that supports your university .

Industry engagement and promotion of economic development in the life sciences are of strategic importance to the C3DDB Project. Toward that end, the Biotech Industry Access Program (BIAP) provides life sciences companies with easy, comprehensive access to the state of the art C3DDB computing and storage facility. The program places particular emphasis on smaller companies that might derive competitive advantage from C3DDB. The C3DDB is also available to companies developing life sciences applications or tool chains who are interested in offering their software for trial use by the C3DDB community.  If you are interesested in using the C3DDB via the BIAP program, please send an inquiry to or fill in the Account Application Form.