About the C3DDB Project

The C3DDB project brings together major research universities, established commercial organizations and new startups in Massachusetts to accelerate life-science research and innovation, allowing these entities to capitalize and gain competitive advantage in a life science world where data generation is rapidly outpacing capacity to analyze data.

Housed at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computer Center, and supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the C3DDB project has three main objectives:

    • Boost individual and collaborative research in big-data enhanced life science research among the university partners of the MGHPCC.
    • Provide on-demand, big-data enhanced life scienceĀ capabilities to the life science startā€up and enterprise community across the Commonwealth.
    • Work proactively to connect commercial enterprises and the research community and encourage exchange of ideas and innovation in big-data enhanced life science discovery.

All participants share common interests in exploiting emerging big-data technologies for life science discovery and in shaping computational technology development for advancing life science through the application of statistical and mathematical analysis at large scale. The C3DDB is a unique, unprecedented resource for Commonwealth biotech and life science advancement, spanning basic research, commercial innovation and workforce development.

Following the the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center mission to support life sciences innovation, research, development and commercializatiom, projects that with near term prospects for commercialization are encouraged to use the C3DDB.