The MGHPCC and its founding universities collaborate with local and regional schools and organizations to promote educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (STEAM). Given the mission and expertise of the MGHPCC, there is special emphasis on Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) education, which have become essential components of curriculums at all levels.

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Student Interns

The internship program at the MGHPCC is designed to provide hands-on experience for students who are interested in computers and computer science. The program includes a combination of hands-on learning in areas that may be new to a student intern, and application of current and new knowledge to tasks that are vital to the operation of the thousands of computer systems installed at the MGHPCC.

Professional Development

The Commonwealth Alliance for IT Education (CAITE) ( organizes regional professional development workshops for educators at the MGHPCC.  The MGHPCC is also pleased to host monthly meetings of the Western Massachusetts Chapter of the national Computer Science Teachers Association.

Computer Science Education

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Since 2013 MGHPCC has partnered with CAITE, Girls Inc. and New England Regional Developers to host “Holyoke Codes”, part of a national Computer Science Education Week.

Holyoke Codes is offering monthly workshops for families in areas such as Scratch and LEGO Robotics. To find out more, follow this link:

Education Grants

The MGHPCC and its founding universities team with local schools and other organizations to apply for grants that support educational opportunity and broaden participation in computing and IT education. For instance, the MGHPCC was instrumental in securing a grant to initiate Cisco Networking Academy programs at Holyoke Community College and Holyoke’s Dean Technical High School.

Combining Art and Science

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Recently, the Enchanted Circle Theatre presented “Working with Water: from STEM to STEAM” at the MGHPCC.  This professional development program focused on ways to enhance creative and critical thinking skills through arts integrated teaching methods that bring science curriculum to life.

Student Competitions


CAITE has organized several Girls Connect! Robotics events at the MGHPCC, using educational robotics kits purchased with a grant to the MGHPCC from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

Career Pathways

The MGHPCC works with the business community to foster curiosity about and greater understanding of STEM career opportunities for kids from middle school to college.  In 2013, EMC hosted a career awareness day at the MGHPCC where middle school students had an opportunity to meet engineers from EMC and elsewhere, hear about the technology that they are working on, and learn how they got interested in pursuing an engineering career.