The MGHPCC facility is a two-story, 90 000 square foot data center located on an 8.6 acre site between Cabot and Appleton Streets in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  The data center has separate spaces available for production and experimental computer systems, and for communication equipment.  The administrative area of the facility includes touch-down office space for people installing or servicing computing and computing equipment, and a public meeting space for community use.

Computer Room


The heart of the MGHPCC facility is the second floor computer room, a high-ceilinged hall, close to an acre in area, where all of the production computing, storage, and networking equipment is housed. The computer room floor is divided into a matrix of “pods”, each containing the necessary power, cooling, and communication infrastructure needed to support the installed computing hardware. Each pod is pre-populated with racks and power distribution units, reducing installation cost for new systems. If desired, pods can accommodate vendor supplied racks as well.


The Sandbox on the first floor of the MGHPCC is a separate lab, fitted out in the same way as the Computer Room. It is available to researchers who want to place experimental computing equipment or software at the facility without disrupting the operation of the production equipment in the Computer Room.

Entrance Rooms

A pair of restricted access entrance rooms house connections from a diverse set of carriers. In addition to public internet access, current services include a dedicated 10 gigabit link to each of the five MGHPCC founding members, and a connection to the Northern Crossroads, which provides links to dozens of regional research institutions and to national networks such as Internet 2.

Administrative and Visitor Office Space

The second-floor office area at the front of the facility holds offices, cubicles, conference rooms, and a break room for MGHPCC staff, people installing or servicing equipment in the Computer Room, and visitors.

Public Meeting Space and Classroom Lab


On the first floor, there is a multipurpose public meeting space (MPPMS) suited to meetings, classes, workshops, and other gatherings. It is fitted with audiovisual and teleconferencing systems, and has a dividing wall to enable simultaneous smaller meetings. A lobby area outside the MPPMS has room for temporary exhibits, and provides circulation during meetings. Also on the first floor is a Classroom Lab that is fitted out with lab benches and an audiovisual/ telepresence system to support hands-on IT courses.