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IOMICS: Precision Models to Protect the Environment, Accelerate Drug Development, and Improve Healthcare

IOMICS Corporation is an award winning analytics company based in Worcester and Cambridge Massachusetts. In April 2016, IOMICS announced the release of its FUSION Analytics Platform™, a cloud-based software system for prescriptive analytics and rapid prototyping of advanced decision models for use in chemical engineering, medical research, and clinical care. FUSION is hosted at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) under aegis of the Commonwealth Computational Cloud for Data Driven Biology (C3DDB).

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From Games to Brains

Harnessing the Power of GPUs to Speed  Medical Imaging

Story by Helen Hill

Researchers from Northeastern University are using computers at the MGHPCC to improve the performance of a popular medical imaging tool which estimates 3D light distribution in biological tissue using GPU technology to simultaneously simulate the paths of large numbers of independent photons. Continue reading

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The Trouble with Turbulence

Modeling Non-Equilibrium Turbulent Plasmas

Story by Helen Hill

In contrast to laminar flow, in which a fluid moves in smooth paths or layers, turbulent fluid flows are chaotic, vary in three-dimensions, and are unsteady over a wide range of scales creating an ongoing challenge for the physicists, mathematicians, and engineers seeking to understand, model, and innovate new techniques and applications involving them. Complicating modeling non-equilibrium turbulent plasmas is the range of multi-scale physics that must be included. Continue reading