Getting to Grips with Glassy Materials


Jon Machta, an emeritus professor of physics at UMass Amherst, works in the area of theoretical condensed matter and statistical physics. Statistical physicists use probability theory to study behavior of many-particle systems whose exact microscopic state is uncertain. Current research in his group involves theoretical and computational studies of spin and fluid systems, synchrony in ecology, and the development of algorithms to study these systems. Continue reading Getting to Grips with Glassy Materials

Holyoke Codes: CS Education Week Cyber Security Workshop


On December 9, 2017, Holyoke Codes held a Computer Science Education Week Cyber Security workshop for the Girls Inc. Eureka Program. Eureka! Scholars spend time on the UMass Amherst campus and elsewhere, experiencing lab-based activities in science, technology, engineering and math. In this workshop, a group of 22 middle and high school aged girls learned about digital forensics (browser history, image metadata), cryptography and Caesar shift code, steganography, cracking passwords, and recovering information in deleted files to solve a mystery in a Capture the Flag (CTF) contest. Continue reading Holyoke Codes: CS Education Week Cyber Security Workshop

Holyoke Codes: FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition


Holyoke Codes, launched in December 2014 as part of Computer Science Education Week, is a collaborative partnership of the MGHPCC; Girls Inc. of Holyoke; Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education; New England Regional Developers; Sweet and Fizzy. Educators, computer science and IT professionals develop and teach our workshops, which provide hands-on experiences for kids and families in coding, robotics, and technology. Continue reading Holyoke Codes: FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition

Smaller colleges get to plug into power of high performance computing center in Holyoke


Originating in May 2017, the Northeast Cyberteam Initiative is a 3-year NSF-funded effort to build a regional pool of Research Computing Facilitators to support researchers at small and mid-sized institutions in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. In this video, executive director John Goodhue discusses the program.

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Forest Mapping: When the Budworms come to dinner


by Helen Hill for MGHPCC

Motivated by an eastern spruce budworm outbreak traveling down from Canada, researchers in the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine and colleagues in the U Maine Advanced Computing Group, catalyzed by a seed grant from the Northeast Cyberteam Program, have been applying machine learning techniques to map the evolving state of the forest to provide accurate and up-to-date information on forest as the outbreak develops.

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Since its beginnings in1998, HPEC (the High Performance Extreme Computing Conference) has grown to become an annual fixture of the September High Performance Computing (HPC) calendar. Now the largest computing conference in New England and the premier conference in the world on the convergence of high performance and embedded computing, HPEC was originally hosted at Lincoln Laboratory, but since its 2012 incorporation as an official IEEE conference, HPEC has made its home at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA. Continue reading HPEC’17