Since its inception, members of the MGHPCC Consortium have worked with regional community colleges, the Holyoke public schools and regional business leaders on educational and economic development opportunities. The approach has been geared toward building a durable partnership, starting with workshops to identify mutual interests and acting on opportunities where there is clear benefit.


Virtual Interactive Textbook Development

Harnessing Cyber-infrastructure for K-12 STEM Education

• Goal: To develop, use and demonstrate the effectiveness of a virtual interactive textbook (VIT) for running interactive computational experiments to study natural phenomena such as weather and climate.
• Project harnesses MGHPCC-like cloud computing capabilities in service of K-12 STEM education in the Holyoke/Springfield area providing a model for the state, region, and the nation.
• Evaluation: An in-class VIT pilot study was held in four middle schools. The results included both quantitative measures of whether student test scores improved and qualitative measures of student engagement.
• An NSF-sponsored project involving MIT, UMAss Amherst and Holyoke and Springfield public schools.

UMass Amherst: W. Richards Adrion (Computer Science), Florence Sullivan and Charu Nat Turner (School of Education), David Hart, Matthew Mattingly, and Stephen Battisti (Center for Educational Software Development) | MIT: Christopher Hill (Earth, Atmosperic & Planetary Sciences) | Holyoke Public Schools: Yvonne Hilyard (Morgan Elementary School, K-8), Tina Siniscalchi (Peck Full Service Community School, K-8), Helen Gibson (Science/ Technology Director Springfield Public Schools), Maureen Moynihan and Heather Williams (Van Sickle Middle School) and Ron St. Amand (Director of Science.)

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Workshops: Engaging the Community

Virtual Interactive Textbook (VIT) Workshop 8/2012

• K-12 teacher workshop, demonstrating & exploring use of highly interactive electronic textbooks, where students are able to explore and experiment, testing hypotheses.
• Virtual laboratory experiments using computer simulations requiring substantial computing resources.
• Pilot: middle school earth science curriculum, tied to MA K-12 Science and Technology/ Engineering Frameworks.
• Funded by National Science Foundation, involving MIT (C. Hill), UMass (R. Adrion), Holyoke and Springfield public schools, and MGHPCC.

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Holyoke Clean Energy Innovation Workshop 11/2011

• To trigger conversations resulting in specific partnerships, collaborations on innovative clean energy technologies, leveraging HG&E expertise and testbed opportunities and set a foundation for long-term collaborations.
• Identify near-term opportunities for collaboration in entrepreneurial activities, federal-funding partnerships, research/ education activities.
• 130 participants.
• Sponsored by Commonwealth of MA, MTC John Adams Innovation Institute, Holyoke Gas and Electric, ISO New England, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, MGHPCC, and U. Massachusetts Amherst.

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MGHPCC Educator’s Conference 5/2010

CITI logo

• Organized by community college educators for community college educators and community groups
• Holyoke Community College, Springfild Technical Community College, the National Center for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) at STCC, CITI
• Tutorials on green computing, high performance computing, cloud computing, storage, data security: U. Massachusetts, EMC, Microsoft, Brookdale Community College, Bunker Hill Community College.
• Community connections: Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke, Inc., Girls Inc.

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Educational Opportunities Associated with MGHPCC 4/2010

• Engage stakeholders in identifying educational opportunities with MGHPCC:
• Educational and outreach activities at other HPC centers
• Brainstorm specific educational, outreach programs (NSF ATE, industry academies);
• Identify leaders, funding sources.
• 70 attendees: higher ed.; public schools; community-based organizations state, local and federal government; industry; private sector.

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MGHPCC E&O Committee:

Co-Chair: W. Richards (Rick) Adrion, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Online Profile, E-mail Address, 413-545-2475
Co-Chair: Azer Bestavros, Boston University
Online Profile, E-mail Address, 617-353-9726