Jan 23 2015

Explosion of Research Data Drives “Tipping Point” for IT Facilities

An interview with Harvard's Assistant Dean for Research Computing James Cuff: Why researchers need more and more storage and how facilities like MGHPCC can come to the rescue. Click Here to read full article
Data Center Knowledge

Jan 16 2015

The 14 Best Startup Cities in America

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center cited as a factor in making the City of Holyoke fertile ground for startups. Click Here to read full article
Popular Mechanics

Nov 4 2014

CNS boosts research and community via High Performance Computing

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.48.46 AM The most exciting thing for blogger Steve Goodwin is the kind of research that high performance computing at the MGHPCC makes possible. Click Here to read full article blog

Oct 21 2014

Holyoke company VertitechIT announces deal with Baystate Health to manage new data system

16106850-mmmain MGHPCC contributes to making Holyoke a tech-friendly place according to new neighbor VertitechIT. Click Here to read full article
The Republican

Sep 27 2014

National Science Foundation selects University of Massachusetts Professor James F. Kurose to head Computer & Information Science & Engineering Directorate

Jim formal photo cropped_f Jim Kurose to head the National Science Foundation's Computer & Information Science & Engineering Directorate. Click Here to read full article

Sep 26 2014

BU receives NSF grant to develop ‘smart city’ cloud platform

Boston University’s Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering today announced it has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a “smart-city” cloud platform designed to streamline and strengthen multiple municipal... Read more Click Here to read full article

Sep 12 2014

Planning for the Pioneer Valley

15819357-mmmain Pioneer Valley, Springfield, business leaders push education, access, marketing in Plan for Progress update Click Here to read full article
The Springfield Republican

Sep 9 2014

The Innovators

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.26.36 PM A listing of the cutting-edge technologies that are putting Massachusetts on the map put MGHPCC top of its list of the MA innovators Click Here to read full article
United Hemispheres Dossier Massachusetts

Aug 28 2014

Scientists teach enterprises how to process big data

Research data center scientists are the cowboys of the computing world, but the research computing IT architecture has carry-over potential into enterprises grappling with how to process big data. Meredith Courtemanche explains... Click Here to read full article

Aug 6 2014

Securing the Cloud

v_ran-portrait The Modular Approach to Cloud Security (MACS) project will use the Massachusetts Open Cloud based at MGHPCC as a testbed. Click Here to read full article
BU Today